Advice from a Cleveland SEO Company

Following up on my earlier interview with an SEO expert that you can find on this page, I felt that there was a lot more to explore on this topic so I brought in another colleague to provide even more tips for those of you who are looking to grow your presence online.

Without further adieu, here are some more search engine optimization tips that you can use to grow traffic and build your brand.

Cleveland SEO Lends His Expertise

A friend of mine works at a Cleveland SEO company and was willing to stop by to impart some of his wisdom to my readers. While I’ve tackled subjects such as SEO earlier, I felt we should change gears slightly on this one to take a look at another aspect of your web presence.

The importance of social media for your website cannot be understated. What company out there today doesn’t have an identity on the different social media properties such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and others? If you don’t have that kind of presence, you are lagging behind.

Why is that? There are many reasons. For one, it gives your customers and clients another avenue to reach you and interact with you. When someone has an issue or a question, they are not always going to look up your support phone number or email address. Ofen times these days, they may go directly to your Facebook page and send you a direct message, or do the same on Twitter.

Aside from making it easier for customers to reach you, it helps YOU reach the CUSTOMERS! There are so many different ways you can communicate through social media that are beneficial to your business. If you are having a sale or promotion, not everybody is signed up for your newsletter to get that news. If you put it out on your social media properties, you’ll get more visibility and capitalize more on the promotion.

If you are releasing a new product, opening a new location, offering a new service, etc., these kinds of announcements are perfect for communicating through your social media channels. Even if it is just to post a relevant meme, poll your readership on a topic that can help your business, get feedback, or anything else, there are so many different ways to communicate through these channels that help you connect with your customers and grow your brand.

Lastly, it can help with SEO. When you post a link to your site, perhaps you launched a new product and link to it in a Facebook update, that is a link to your site that is recognized by the search engines and can help you in rankings. It’s called social bookmarking and should not be overlooked.

These are just a few of the ways that paying attention to social media properties can help you grow your website and brand. I’d like to thank my friend from Cleveland for stopping by and sharing these tips with my readers – I hope it has been educational!


Rohit is an Internet Marketing Consultant who contributes to multiple websites on topics of SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Strategy.