The Best Houston SEO I’ve Met

So as you guys know from my past blog updates, I’ve been talking to many people in the SEO space.  I talked about how I met Gorilla Marketing, which was very enlightening, as well as Micah, who was a Dallas SEO expert.  I really am thirsting for knowledge on the topic of growing my following here at Net Mesh, so I’m stopping at nothing to find out who knows their stuff, who can help me, and who I just should ignore.

What I’ve done lately is search for experts in certain cities.  A search for Houston SEO led me to today’s update, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.  The company I was most impressed with is called Real Marketing Results, and the owner, Jamie Boudreaux, was very knowledgeable about everything marketing related.  When you are new to a concept, like I am, you need someone who can dumb down the talk and put all this industry terminology in simple terms.

Entertaining video, but I don’t do business with stoners!

That’s exactly what Jamie did.  You’ll find out first hand when you see the gorgeous website they offer, and all of the 100% FREE seo information that they have on the subsequent pages.  I found myself immersed in information that led me to spend a lot of time on the website.  Almost like a stalker.   (Or more like an information sponge, more like it.)

However, it didn’t end there.  When I was able to connect on the phone, that’s where the real educating went down.

Digital Marketing Services in Houston

This is perhaps what set them apart from other guys in the digital marketing field in Houston – they offer so much more than just SEO and traffic generation.  They offer web design, and looking at their site, if they can deliver anything nearly as brilliant as their site, you’ll get a site that is super clean looking and professionally done.  It’s really a game changer as your website is your companies business card.  Let’s face it, a bad website will turn me off, and a good one will turn me on to doing business with someone.  That’s just me, but I know I’m not alone in thinking that.

They also offer the services of a virtual assistant, and let’s face it, we could all use one of those. I  know I’m looking to expand my team and grow this blog into something more special, so having some dependable people on my team is obviously a clear goal I need to work on.

I’ll be updating everyone on things as I progress with my SEO efforts.  Hopefully I can report some good wins soon.  In the mean time, I’m going to be interviewing many people along the way.  Hopefully I do as well as I did here in Houston with finding the great guys at Real Results Marketing.

Learn Over the Shoulder at

Affiliate U, or “Affiliate University,” is a program offered by long time marketer Tim Schmidt.

Tim Schmidt
The man behind Affiliate U, Tim Schmidt.

He’s a seven figure earner in the Affiliate Marketing space and has a lot of neat projects he works out.

He stops at nothing in his new over the shoulder course that teaches every single aspect of what he does when he builds revenue streams.

You can read his affiliate marketing blog to see what he’s been up to lately.  It’s a good read and he shares quite a bit of his life with everyone out there to really make a connection with his audience.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This essentially is the action of selling other people’s products by using a website and some links.  When you read product reviews online, sometimes they have an affiliation with a vendor or two, or three, or more, and they earn revenues from any clicks that they produce from their site that end up going to the vendor site and making a purchase.  A perfect example is – Cool stuff for men.  This site earns a lot of commissions simply by linking to the products that the guys on the website review.  There is everything from fashion, to finance, to goofy things that you don’t need but will certainly find cool and entertaining.  The blog is written so first person that there are video reviews, like this one below, that are all over the site and on their official youtube page.  It’s quite  a hoot, and it’s a great example of how you can really just take an audience, captivate them, and show them products that they may or may not need, and help them make a buying decision. In some instances, they even give out coupon codes so people can really save money on things they purchase online.

You can also do affiliate marketing STRAIGHT from YouTUBE.  It’s a common trick that many people do, and you can just make video reviews and link people to websites right in the video description.

The ceiling is really high for anyone who is into affiliate marketing.  The industry is going to be $6.8 billion by 2020 according to many reports.  If you have the desire to create a website, and get pen to paper, connect with people, and just strive for greatness, then affiliate marketing could be a great career for you.