Learn Over the Shoulder at AffiliateU.com

Affiliate U, or “Affiliate University,” is a program offered by long time marketer Tim Schmidt.

Tim Schmidt AffiliateU.com
The man behind Affiliate U, Tim Schmidt.

He’s a seven figure earner in the Affiliate Marketing space and has a lot of neat projects he works out.

He stops at nothing in his new over the shoulder course that teaches every single aspect of what he does when he builds revenue streams.

You can read his affiliate marketing blog to see what he’s been up to lately.  It’s a good read and he shares quite a bit of his life with everyone out there to really make a connection with his audience.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This essentially is the action of selling other people’s products by using a website and some links.  When you read product reviews online, sometimes they have an affiliation with a vendor or two, or three, or more, and they earn revenues from any clicks that they produce from their site that end up going to the vendor site and making a purchase.  A perfect example is ThingsMenBuy.com – Cool stuff for men.  This site earns a lot of commissions simply by linking to the products that the guys on the website review.  There is everything from fashion, to finance, to goofy things that you don’t need but will certainly find cool and entertaining.  The blog is written so first person that there are video reviews, like this one below, that are all over the site and on their official youtube page.  It’s quite  a hoot, and it’s a great example of how you can really just take an audience, captivate them, and show them products that they may or may not need, and help them make a buying decision. In some instances, they even give out coupon codes so people can really save money on things they purchase online.

You can also do affiliate marketing STRAIGHT from YouTUBE.  It’s a common trick that many people do, and you can just make video reviews and link people to websites right in the video description.

The ceiling is really high for anyone who is into affiliate marketing.  The industry is going to be $6.8 billion by 2020 according to many reports.  If you have the desire to create a website, and get pen to paper, connect with people, and just strive for greatness, then affiliate marketing could be a great career for you.

How Your Web Host Affects Your SEO

SEO can be affected by literally hundreds of potential factors but the quality of your web host is definitely among them and is a factor which cannot be overlooked if you want to reach that top place as far as search engines are concerned. Essentially, there are two ways which must be borne in mind which really affect SEO and they will be broken down in points.

  • If your web host is low quality and has given you the same IP address as a spamming site you will be guilty by association and your ranking will go low as well. You may also be blacklisted by the search engine and that is a difficult position to recover from. It will also mean all your hard work goes to waste when you have to shut the site down due to bad reviews or a inadequate response.
  • Secondly bad hosting can affect the reputation of your site if your site continually suffers from shutdowns and inaccessibility. If your customers or readers cannot get to you they will gravitate towards other websites which have better hosting and can stay online without the threat of technical failure.

If you are suffering from the above mentioned problems many other issues might also arise as a result. If your SEO firm or you have borrowed links from credible websites in order to improve your own reputation, those links will most certainly be withdrawn or nullified once the webmasters figure out you cannot keep your website up and running in a consistent fashion.

Any popularity or SERPs that may have occurred as a direct result of those links will be gone too and your website will suffer a huge blow especially if it wasn’t well established to begin with. The other thing which may most certainly happen is that you will be ignored or penalized by search engines.

Since it is search engines that you looking to please, this cannot mean good news. Penalization by a search engine is very difficult to bounce back from and you may need to change your URL at times in order to do so.

For best results opt for well known web hosts like GoDaddy which have a wide range of affordable and expensive hosting packages and that also provide additional SEO-related support. This way you can prevent hassle in the long run and keep your site looking good.

Go Daddy Offers the Best Web – COMMERCIALS

That’s right.  Their hosting is so-so, but their commercials and advertising campaigns simply ROCK.