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Are you thinking about starting a new business? Do you want some help on finding the right idea for you? Find A business that complements your personality and works with your life situations and pocketbook. Check out this new business idea generator to help inspire your entrepreneurial spirit –

This regularly updated blog has great new ideas for profitable ventures. Start with some of the well-edited lists of different types of businesses such as; new business ideas for women, great ideas for animal lover businesses, and how to start a business with no money.

Business ideas

Fashion types will enjoy reading about how to start your clothing line, how to open and accessories retail store and how to become a fashion designer.

These ideas have been called and analyzed by successful entrepreneurs for their viability and profits potential. Additionally, each idea has a detailed article about how to start this business, step-by-step. Take for example the startup business guide, how to start a clothing line, with a checklist for entrepreneurs and a link to a low-cost yet valuable industry insiders book, available for instant download, on how to begin profitably.

Coming soon are additional how to start business guides on, how to become a professional organizer, an art curator, art gallery owner, bakery owner, bookstore owner, bridal salon owner, business consultant, wedding planner, wine store owner, coffeehouse owner and much more.

It can be a difficult time in entrepreneur’s life deciding which of his many business ideas to pursue. Sometimes it can feel like a game show can win or lose the wrong choice. It doesn’t have to be that capricious. Here is a plan to determine which business is the right one for YOU at this time.

Want a Step by Step Plan and Have Cash to Spend?

Then franchising is the right choice for you. Franchises have made millions for many people and could do the same for you. Today there are thousands of franchise opportunities. One will be just right for you. Start your research by reading the Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur magazine here:

Who can you easily “sell”?

What group of people can you easily persuade to purchase products or services? Perhaps you are from a particular industry of which you are an expert and have insider knowledge and experience. Or they are fellow enthusiasts of specific sports or hobbies. Another group could be a demographic segment by age, gender, ethnicity, or another background. Also, particular income groups could be your choice. Doing this helps to focus your actions on those most likely to purchase from you do to your ease and experience in marketing to these customers.

Know of a problem that needs fixing?

In your current industry, what are some customer problems with no solution on the market presently? Perhaps you’re an accountant, and business owners keep complaining about how to organize their business receipts. You can start an app that allows them to photograph their receipts with your mobile phone and upload them directly to their accountant’s system. Many a successful business has been started just this way.

How about making your avocation your vocation?

If you love what you are doing every working day, you’ll never work a day in your life. Remember Thomas A. Edison said, “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” Take that hobby or sport you love and create a business around it and love every business day.


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