Continued Topic : My Interaction With a SEO Myrtle Beach SC

If you’ve followed along lately, you know that SEO (which is short for search engine optimization) is a topic I’ve had on my mind quite a bit.  It’s the art of gaining organic search engine traffic, and it’s truly just that – an art form.  Today I share with you another impressive company I’ve come across.  This time, they are located in South Carolina. So, today I share with you my SEO Myrtle Beach SC contact and will share with you a few of the things his company can do for you.

You may have read about SEO’s in other updates.  My last blog update spoke about an SEO from Houston.  A prior update spoke of another Texan, but this time in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  You can read that update right here.  I’ve even talked to one from the UK.  Read that here.

Okay, so enough of my back story!  Let’s get right to who impressed me in a recent teleconference about SEO methodologies.

Meet Chris Walker of SuperStarSEO in Myrtle Beach SC

superstar SEO

When I reached out to Chris to learn more about him, I was immediately impressed with his clean, vibrant website.  I was happy to learn that he’s been in the IT industry dating back over ten years.  He began his SEO career in 2013 and also knows a variety of Internet Marketing methods.  His communication with me clearly showed that he’s capable of the claims he makes on his website.  He can help your business reach it’s full potential by offering PPC, SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, and development of mobile applications.  His company “turns clients into superstars.”

His company may be located in South Carolina, but it can help you no matter where you are physically located.  The beauty of internet marketing is that the services and reach are global.

When you speak with many Search Engine Marketing companies, like I do, you get to hear a lot of the same stuff.  “We will rank your website.”  (Isn’t that the point?)  The thing I liked about SuperStarSEO is that they have accolades like being members of the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.  That’s always a nice thing to be, knowing that you are dealing with someone who is in the public spotlight and not just some persona hiding behind their computer.  Being out there, and accountable, goes a long way with me.  Things like this led me to share with you my conversation with Chris, and to give him my full recommendation of someone who is “in the know” in the SEO community.

Guys and gals, I recommend SuperStarsEO with my full confidence.  It’s amazing what reaching out to people can do to help expand your network.  Take the time today to reach out to someone new, and build your network.  (Even if it’s on say LinkedIN or something like that.)