Tom Johnston Franchise Search Engine Marketing

So as you know, I’ve been making the rounds of interviewing many search engine marketing companies. My thirst for knowledge has taken me to this Omaha marketer, this one from Myrtle Beach, and of course, how could we forget about Micah from Dallas?  I’ve really made rounds to highlight the “who’s who” in search engine optimization lately, and it’s put me in front of many good minds.  I’m honestly soaking up all this information and taking it all in.  Exciting times over here at Net Mesh.

Today, I have the pleasure to tell you about someone who does “Franchise SEO.”

I had the chance to get up to speed on what Tom Johnston Franchise Search Engine Marketing is doing, and it’s a pretty darn good concept he has there.

So, the main take away here that Tom Johnston’s SEO firm does is that they will do it all for you.  They will do your search engine marketing for you, and that includes:

  • on page seo
  • link building
  • citations
  • map optimization
  • website conversion optimization

When you own a franchise, you need to get the word out about your business.  Tom can take your franchise and do it for the entire organization, which makes your website a “behemoth” because it really optimizes everything for the entire organization.  He does this for the localized terms.  So let’s just say you are a “plumber.”  You want to let everyone know that you are a plumber in Miami, and you service the surrounding areas.

This is something that any company offering franchise opportunities should look into.  Nobody uses a Yellow Pages anymore, let’s face it.  They turn to Google, Yahoo, or even Bing or YouTube.  They plug in the desired field (whether that be A/C repair, plumbing, roofing, or any other vertical), and the area that they are in.

I do searches like this all the time.  If I’m looking for something, I go to Google.  If you are looking to hear more about this opportunity, please follow the link to Tom’s website at the top of this article.  His website is very well put together and there are numerous ways you can contact him.

As you all know, I’m far from done about learning the art of optimizing websites.  I’ll continue to hit the pavement daily until I learn it all, from the best minds on the planet in this space!




Rohit is an Internet Marketing Consultant who contributes to multiple websites on topics of SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Strategy.